My minimalist Wardrobe*and some insights on buying less*

Spring is here and it was high time I put my pullis in the storage containers! Being a minimalist in a pretty much cold climate (hoorah for Germany) , I have chosen to have very versatile pieces in my wardrobe. Of course clothing pieces of very good quality is a must, considering that I opt out for fewer belongings of great value, that make me very very happy now AND in the long run. What a combo 🙂

Here is what I was left with in my wardrobe after I stored my winter pullis and my combat boots, and before I brought the spring stuff in:

  • three pairs of jeans with different kind of washes and one pair of leggings 
  • six long sleeve tops
  • two one long cardigans and one distressed jeans jacket
  • six tank tops
  • two pairs of flat shoes and one pair of sneakers

(Those are the clothes that I actually use in everyday life. I don’t count loungewear, sportswear, pj’s and accessories! )

Here is what I brought in my wardrobe for spring:

  • two long sleeve shirts
  • one lightweight cardigan
  • one long sleeve and two short sleeve tops
  • two pairs of pants
  • one pair of zip culotte
  • a little black dress

total sum : 3o pieces

And with those 3o pieces alone, I can say I feel like a whole new woman and ready for spring! Those are pieces of clothing that I can easily combine and layer without having second thoughts if textures , colors and style mix well with one another. This saves me time and stress, plus, I can walk out the door feeling well curated without having to spend time on it. I can do much more with less, in a nutshell. That is a win win  deal without a question, considering that I am a mom juggling with housework , work, social life and raising my child. Not to mention that I do not have to bother about buying anything till summer comes (and probably find out that I NEED something).

For me the whole key for minimalism was to become completely clutter free and thus, stress free for the most part. Of course Marie Kondo’ s  books The Life Changing Magic of tidying up as well as Spark Joy  have played a major role on this and were overall a gamechanger for me and my family. The capsule wardrobe is working for us perfectly. *Note: I brought my man and my two year old daughter on this plane with me; it is time saving, stress free, money saving, clutter free. 

Here is some things that I learned on this journey:

Connecting with all my belongings.

 Being able to take a look at all my belongings one by one while being completely aware and into the now, asking myself «is this truly beautiful?», «is this truly useful?», «does this add value in my everyday life?» , actually knocked my shocks off. How come? Because I realized how much stuff were just hanging around , piles of things and clothes that were not particularly pretty or useful or could EVER add some kind of value in my life. I got rid most of those stuff either by upcycling it, or by donating it, redundant to say that some went directly in the garbage.

Creating my own sense of style and thus saying forever adieu to fast fashion.

 I was never really a fan of fast fashion, especially after I got introduced to the zero waste movement and what fast fashion really means. Don’t get me wrong, I love stylish clothes and elegant textiles , but I feel way better buying fewer things of great value instead of a bunch of clothes that next season will be out of style . I want to own pieces that I look at and think  » yes, this piece is shouting my name , I feel 100% myself when I have this on» . Anything else just won’t do its way into my wardrobe and sadly fast fashion clothes  are only good for a very short period of time. No one will be loving the OBEY T shirts or the little pineapple tank tops in two years from now. Pieces that ARE really your style, can be worn for many seasons, they are timeless, unique and are staples, because style has nothing to do with fashion: «Fashion changes; style endures» Coco Chanel | «Style is much more interesting than fashion really» Marc Jacobs

Watch the Fashion Factories Undercover Documentary to get an idea about this subject.

 Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 9.53.27 PM

Shopping only things I NEED. 

No more shopping sprees , no more shopping therapy (it’s not even a therapy; it’s a quick fix ) . Only conscious buying and only things that I actually need. Because , oh boy, there is a huge difference between I need this item and I want or like this item, and sadly enough, not many people can realize the gigantic difference ! Something you need, is something that adds immediately value in your everyday life , making it easier and even  prettier. On the other hand, something you want, is just a fling of the moment, an impulse, are all those cute T shirts that you never wear, hanging around sad in your wardrobe , making it even more cluttered and when you try them on you think to yourself » what on Earth was I thinking when I was buying this? It doesn’t even look good on me!» . You know what I am talking about, so, no more of those. No more , oh what a cute T shirt, no more, oh what a nice lipstick, no more, oh what a pretty (add item name). No, no and no. Not because I have an object problem. Because I have a cluttering problem! How I actually achieve this : well, you know, when something is missing from your house or your wardrobe , it doesn’t take long till you notice. For instance, it gets warmer, I notice I NEED to buy a pair of sandals| peep toes| lightweight sneakers etc . That is an actually need. When I go shopping and I see a cute pair of sandals that I want to buy, I simply don’t. I choose to buy only what I actually need , and only after I have done my research on it : Is this exactly what I need? Does this  purchase add value to my wardrobe | my overall look | my everyday style? Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 11.24.12 PM.png


This is a rather sensitive topic for many, but I have to address it. There is no such thing as «shopping therapy» , simply because shopping is only a quick fix , not a therapy. A quick fix when ladies are PMSing, a quick fix when you are sad, a quick fix when you are feeling kinda down, a quick fix when you want to feel more fresh, or rich, or beautiful. When you consciously deny to go for a shopping spree and ask yourself » why do I want to go shopping? what do I genuinely need? what kind of items am I missing? » , the answers might shake you. More often than not, you will be not able to put together a list of the exact items you need to buy, and that is with every detail. That means that going shopping is a need for a quick fix, but think for yourself, a quick fix for what? What is the deeper need that you like to superficial soothe with shopping? Sadness? Loneliness? Look deep down inside, be frank and address those matters appropriately . Talk with a person you trust. Read a helpful book. If you feel that you need help, see a therapist or start up a class if you want to make new friends. Let shopping aside. Shop for the things you need, the things that will add value in your life without robbing your wallet aimlessly.

Choose a colour palette that suits you. 

Knowing what colours suit your skin tone, hair and eye colour is important in order to build a wardrobe that makes you happy and actually works. Having a ton of different kind of colors and patters in your wardrobe , can make the dressing process very stressful; you know the feeling: you open up your closet, its literally packed with clothes but you think to yourself «I have nothing to year». But what you really mean is : «I have nothing to wear that makes me feel great and effortlessly beautiful». Because , in your packed with clothes closet, you do have a lot of clothes to wear , but unfortunately, those clothes do not express your sense of style or even they don’t really suit you. Sticking with a color scheme that works with your skin tone, will automatically eliminate everything that doesn’t belong to that scheme and will keep you from buying colors and patterns that don’t work well for you. Two easy ways to find your colors : What does suit you better? Gold or Silver? If gold works better for your skin tone, that means that you are warm. If silver works better for you, then you are cool toned. What colors in your wardrobe you tend to wear more and feel most comfortable in? Black and white don’t count! * You can play with color searching and color matching , while trying and comparing pieces that you are drawn to in a (big) store. Don’t be afraid to try new things, just observe what you are drawn to and feel most comfortable in. Don’t buy! Just make notes 😉 Have fun! 

Your $$$ count.

Stop! Stop buying from the sales rack. Stop being attracted to what is on sale just for the sake of owning one more, or a few more, pieces just because it costed less. Opt out for the pieces that are unique to you and buy the best quality you can afford, instead of dividing your shopping budget to many pieces of low quality and poor aesthetics . Invest in timeless pieces that make you feel comfortable, confident and effortlessly elegant. That’s the key!

I hope you found this helpful!

Stay confident ,

xo Niki

Disclaimer : Building a capsule wardrobe that works perfectly needs research and time, in order to save a lot  of time, stress and money later. A minimalist wardrobe might not fit everyone’s lifestyle, but some of the most inspiring men like Tony Robbins and Steve Jobs have stated that a down sized wardrobe allows them to start off the day fuss free and feeling well put at the same time. Clothes designer Donna Karan was a big fan of the capsule wardrobe for the same reason. Please feel free do express yourself with clothing, as well as everything else, in a way that works best for you. 

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