Bath soaps you have to try

More often than not, mommies around Facebook are asking questions like: «is this product suitable for my baby»? , «I got this organic baby shampoo, is it okay?» . Well the matter of fact is that there are indeed a few products on the market that are alright for small babies, infants and toddlers , but the vast majority of infant, baby and toddler products have some horrid ingredients in them. I urge you to test me and  grab your kid’s shower cream/bath cream/bubble bath/etc and check its ingredients immediately ! Visit   * for all the products in your cabinets if you are thinking about going organic (and leaping bunny  if you want to check if your products are actually cruelty free and vegan ).

*insert the ingredient in the following search field on the website . Ingredients marked with red colour are highly toxic. screen-shot-2017-02-25-at-7-15-52-pm

But I am not thrilled to buy those, even if they are alright to use, and that is for the following reasons :

I am the simple life advocate . I like keeping products simple and beautiful and I believe nature has always the best solutions for us, as long as we are willing to do a little research.

Avoiding to produce waste is always a good idea. No matter how amazing a product or how cool is a company, If I know of a more natural remedy that actually works , I will go for the latter . Our planet is currently drowning in plastic and every single non plastic decision is valuable . #zerowastelife

I am a minimalist at heart . Hoarding on various products or things is really not my style. Fewer things of greater value is!

For all the above reasons, when I was pregnant I struggled to find something suitable for my baby. The idea came as I was preparing a few beauty soak sachets for my bath :

A  baby soak!

But first here is how to make a beauty soak:

You will need

  •  bentonite clay (optional) (I am currently using the Aztec one for my face until I am out of it forever due to its plastic container , but there are cheaper options for your bath and masks and right now I am quite thrilled with the Argila Natural  from France !)
  • levander (original and organic herb only)
  •  chamomile or calendula buds or other aromatic/ healing herb or flower (make sure to find dry flowers of excellent quality)
  • cocoa butter or mango butter or shea butter or macadamia butter or a mixture of (all or some of ) them . All those butters are an amazing gift and a luxurious touch for your skin. They deeply nourish and protect the skin , providing it with fatty acids and vitamins that are useful for its health  and elasticity. Make sure to prefer always  a non refined option, your skin will thank you!
  • essential oils (optional)
  • an organic cotton cloth or muslin cloth 

Going in the diy zone : Take your muslin cloth and prepare all your ingredients around it.

If you are planning to take a mildly detoxifying bath, then you need the bentonite clay. Take four to five large spoonfuls and place it in the middle of your open muslin. /Then add accordingly , two or three spoonfuls of lavender,/ two of chamomile /and some of your organic essential oils . Use levander for a relaxing effect, rosemary and eucalyptus if you are little cold , francisense if you want a more feminine touch for this bath ritual. This pouch will mildly detoxify your skin form impurities and leave you a bit light headed . Make sure to drink lots of water afterwards!

*Take into consideration that a clay bath will detoxify your body, not only your skin,  and therefore one should pay attention on a couple of things :

*contact your doctor if you have blood pressure issues or heart disease*drink a lots of water before and after the clay bath*do not reuse the clay water* beware not to inhale the mildly fine clay, wear a mask* do not stay in the water for over 20 minutes* do not use too hot water*

This is a great book to get really informed about clay baths and other amazing uses of clay!

If you want to just relax and enjoy instead of detoxifying , skip the bentonite clay part. Take four to six large spoonfuls of lavender /, three to five calendula or chamomile dry buds /, and two spoons of a butter of your choice (grated) . In this mixture it is a good idea to add oat! For a nice aromatherapy experience , rock the chance: use ylang ylang , levander, sweet orange flower , or any other that suits your taste and personal needs at the moment. Get informed and follow your intuition!


Tie the muslin tightly with a small rope or ribbon , just like a bomboniere ! Place it in your bathtub while your are filling it with hot water . Let it sit there till you are over with bathing, enjoy deeply and soak your thoughts away !

For a baby bath sachet, you don’t need any extra ingredients . Use three spoonfuls of chamomile or/and calendula dry flowers and a half a spoonful of grated shea butter . As mentioned above, place it in the middle of the muslin cloth and tie with a ribbon. It is that simple! Place it in your baby’s tub under warm water. Your child will love this calming aroma and the softness of the water! You can even use this bath bomboniere as  a sponge all over the body or even on the baby’s head (please make sure that in your mixture there is ONLY flowers , no leaves or stems that are hard) ! Exactly this recipe helped me heal faster postpartum .

*if you find that the water of your region is too hard or filled with chloride , consider buying a shower/bath filter.  This small change will help you better toy hair and skin overall health.

This recipe will save you a lot of money and headache. Safe for your budget, and most importantly , safe for your baby (and for you too)! You can make a bunch of those beauty soak sachets  as small gifts for your friends of even as stocking stuffers on Christmas. I like to make a few and keep them in my bath cabinet, then before bath time I just put a few drops of essential oil on the muslin cloth.

other useful ideas for a great bath soak: use dried rosebuds| oats with cloves | dried orange and/or  lime peels |epsom salt | himalayan salt | mint leaves | eucalyptus | green tea| jasmin tea

I hope you found this helpful!

I wish you happy creating!

xo Niki


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