DERMAROLLING *and other tricks for great skin*

There hasn’t been a «girls only» night, where great skin and beauty aren’t part of our discussion , oh well , girls will be girls I guess 🙂 And every single time ,I have to, like have to  mention how much I love dermarolling and the great results it brought for my skin! I wish I had discovered this baby in my 20s 😉

This small device can work miracles on your skin, and in my opinion it is totally worth it to incorporate it in your daily skin rituals. Of course it is at your best interest to do your homework a priori, but the truth is as long as you take good care of your roller and do no funky stuff on your skin with it, you will be amazed with the results. It is easy to use and very easy to take care of (use hot water and a disinfection spray before and after using it, boom – ready).

At this point I have been using my dermaroller about a year and a half now and I am more than pleased with the results. Dermarolling does give a  stinging sensation to the skin due to the numerous micro needles that slightly prick the skin’s surface. This procedure helps the collagen production , which promotes a better looking, more youthful and  even epidermis.  Moreover it targets  skin concerns such as wrinkles (micro needles 0,5 mm and above) , uneven complexion, dullness, scaring and stretch marks.

There are  different kinds of derma rollers, depending on the length of the needles. For rookies, it is safe to start with the 0,25 mm or 0,3 mm . For aestheticians , beauticians , skin experts or extra daring beauty junkies (hey , I am not suggesting anything here!) there is 0,5 mm and above (1,  1,5 and 2 – ouch) . The longer the needles and the more often you use your dermaroller, the longer healing process takes.

I use my derma roller once a week, and the next day my skin looks slightly red , just a small tad, enough to look better, plumper and overall healthier. After 1,5 year the minimal acne scaring I had is almost gone and I find that using the derma roller with great skin care afterwards maximized the results.

As mentioned above, micro needling (derma rolling) is literally pricking the skin. This slight «injury» implies that your skin now actually needs extra love and care in order to heal faster and for you to enjoy optimal results. After using it avoid :

  • Products with AHA and BHAs,
  • Glycolic Acid
  • Other acidic toners
  • Kojic Acid
  • Hydroquinone
  • Harsh physical scrubbing
  • comedogenic products
  • chemical peels
  • creams or other products that have dimethicone or other sorts of silicone

To skyrocket your results you can use

Of course you can mix the above mentioned oils *or other non comedogenic , organic, cold dressed oils* according to your skin type. For my skin type (normal to dry , minimal break outs and first wrinkle signs) I use the following mixture :

25 ml rosehip oil

25 ml sea buckthorn oil

20 ml grape seed oil

20 ml camellia oil

10 ml hemp oil

10 drops Geranium Essential oil (antibacterial, hemostatic, treats skin and has anti aging properties| please make sure to use essential oils of the best quality only)

The day that I have scheduled to treat my skin with micro needling I use a clay mask in order to unclog pores and deep cleanse my skin . (I use two table spoons of my aztec bentonite clay with apple cider vinegar. If my skin feels dirty with clogged pores, or I have had an extra hard week I add a capsule this  active charcoal to remove ALL impurities)

The day after I have treated my skin I always use a sheet mask , using a muslin soaked in my  diy rice toner  in order to hydrate deeply .

Small changes, big difference 😉

*please note that derma rolling is not for everyone. Active acne, dermatitis, eczema and other skin conditions prevent you from treating your skin with micro needling. Take into consideration that your derma roller must be disinfected very single time and it must be yours, and yours alone. 

I wish you happy creating !

xo Niki

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