Mille Feuille *vegan&mouthwatering *

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, but lets face it, real love celebrates everyday! And real love can only be vegan , like this super tasty, mouthwatering mille feuille (French pronunciation: [mil fœj], “thousand-leaf”). I can’t even start with this one, so I thought I would write  a short blog post to share the ***veganised***  magical recipe from France.

It is not all so complicated and it is totally worth it when you feel a bit more creative or when you feel like treating your self and your loved ones .

For four servings (or six small ones!) :

Puff pastry (it usually comes in a package of 250 gr, which is perfect. Quite a few brands are vegan, but make sure to check ingredients before placing it in your cart!)

500 ml soy milk (I used the one from Alpro)

130 gr raw cane sugar 

2 FULL table spoons with all purpose flour (type 405)

Half a vanilla bean OR Half spoon vanilla extract OR two sachets of vanilla powder

2 FULL table spoons of vegan butter (I used the one from Landkrone)

Optional : Fruit sirup , confectioners sugar, truffles,screen-shot-2017-02-15-at-6-39-51-pm caramelized nuts  or other decorations that you may like with this recipe.

Start the magic :

1. Place your puff pastry on a baking paper and poke holes through it with a fork. From its side cut a piece of pastry about two fingers thick . (You will later use this piece for decoration. ) Cut afterwards the puff pastry in twelve equal pieces. Sprinkle with some raw cane sugar and push it in the pastry with your fingers (this will caramelize the pastry, yeah) . Place another baking paper on top and bake the puff pastry for 20 minutes in 200 degrees C till golden. Set aside to cool!

2. In a mixing bowl mix evenly your sugar with the flour and the vanilla powder.

3. In a small sauce pan and in middle heat (5 out of 9) heat up soy milk till it starts slowly to boil. At this point add slowly while whisking the flour mixture . Whisk thoroughly! Whisk, whisk , whisk and whisk again till you have an even mixture. Add the butter and keep whisking till it turns to a thick cream . Don’t give up on whisking or  the cream will become clumpy. Place your delicious vegan pastry cream in a bowl, let cool and place in refrigerator till completely cold, about an hour that is 🙂

4. Time for assembly . May it be in separate plates, bowls or in a fancy patisserie tray, place   six pieces of your baked puff pastry on the bottom . With a large spoon , take your cold pastry cream and place a generous amount on top of each one. Place another piece of puff pastry on top and repeat ! When you have all three pieces of puff pastry covered with cream , crumble into pieces the small piece of pastry we mentioned above for decoration. Sprinkle all over. At this point you can sprinkle with confectioners sugar like I did or use other decoration of your liking.

Enjoy after dinner, or simply with your filtered coffee for a Parisian feel. Can be eaten on the stomach of your lover although things might go messy. Keep refrigerated.

I wish you good luck, happy creating and bon appetit !


xo Niki

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