FUSS FREE SKIN CARE *all natural*

I was talking the other day with other vegan mommies over Facebook, and the question dropped again: “is this product vegan”??? Oh well, you know how it goes, check www.leapingbunny.com  , insert product name, check if the company is vegan, check if the product is leaping bunny approved.

Sometimes or MOST of the times, something like that can be a whole lotta fuss for a mom with a baby in her arms, breastfeeding and maybe even another toddler crying out for attention. Not to mention that I know mommies in real life that, you know what, don’t actually feel like spending a whole 150 bucks for a complete skin care set or even a 30 to 50 bucks for a  good face cream. (Okay, here I had to write “good” , quote unquote since even a vegan cream , even organic creams for God’s sake, are packed with chemicals 😦 ) 

To the point: I am writing down  short a list for REAL  fuss free|minimal product|vegan|cruelty free| skin care for dummies. And when I say dummies , these are products approved even for women , or men, that have no clue what Korean Skin Care routine looks like 🙂

To take make up off use :

Your typical cotton round or cloth round or even hot cloth after massaging your face with an oil like sesame oil, canola oil, sunflower oil. These oils are thin and runny , and break down stubborn make up easily, if you wear any that is. Use your facial soap afterwards as usual.

As a toner use: A hydrosol (for all skin types). A mixture of apple cedar vinegar with water (for acne prone and very oily skin, since apple cedar vinegar helps combat excessive sebum).

As a serum use : Aloe Vera gel , which helps hydrate your skin to the Gods and relieves from tightness, redness and irritation .

Instead of cream use : Straight up Shea Butter (all skin types) , Rosehip oil (sensitive skin), Sea Buckthorn oil (dull skin),  Avocado oil (mature skin) . Coconut oil is an amazing oil for your under eye area , providing moisture and extra protection. Not to forget that is a good remedy for your nails and cuticles as well as your hair! I like this one , because it is fair trade.

Other tips :

  • Replace your toothpaste with coconut oil and turmeric, or buy a Miswak toothbrush
  • Replace your deodorant with coconut oil mixed with baking soda (soda bicarbonate)
  • Sooth dry skin and dry patches  by using your favorite oil mixed with coconut oil.
  • Incorporate essential oils to your routine; here is a great book to read .


I wish you happy creating !

xo Niki Helios



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