The hidden beauty of Rice

A great starch, a healthy meal to cook, rice is in every home, known to man since  thousands years. Now , the thing is, rice is not only healthy and delicious providing our body with a whole lotta nutrients, but hides several beauty secrets.

Rice can provide an amazing facial and body scrub when ground, for instance in a coffee grinder or in your powder sugar machine, if you have one that is, but the latter is not necessary at all to enjoy an amazing scrub with deep cleaning, smoothing and whitening properties. I would definitely recommend it: hesitate no more and try a good rice scrub, and when you are feeling a little extra creative, add a few drops of your favorite oil that helps your skin! May it be rosehip, avocado , grapeseed oil or other and for that extra oomph of skin loving, don’t forget a great essential oil!

Today I am here to bring more light to another beauty secret of rice, which , funny enough, is known in Japan for centuries: PITERA .

Pitera is nothing but the fermented water from cooked rice, and it has amazing properties for the skin: anti aging, whitening, color correcting, smoothing, toning, softening . It contains vitamins B , vitamin E, amino acids , minerals and antioxidants .A long, loooooong time ago, it was noticed that the Japanese workers in the production of the traditional drink «Sake»  , had very very youthful looking, soft hands . And that of course was thanks to the properties of fermented rice water, which not long ago the beauty industry discovered and created products that are based on Pitera . The pioneer was the brand SK II with an essence claiming to have all of the above mentioned properties, and of course had a high price tag | approx. 100 $ per 100 ml of product.

Wait what? 100 bucks of fermented rice water ? Yup, you heard that right. No question I wanted to try it out, no question I didn’t feel like spending a hundred bucks on a beauty product. So there you go: make an amazing beauty product at home, it costs only a few cents, some of your time and love. And , believe me, it works wonders on your skin , if you stay loyal to placing it in your daily ritual!

Step your diy game up :

Step 1 : After cooking your rice, make sure not to throw away its water! Be kind to your body as well as your skin , and opt for a wholegrain, organic rice, cause noone wants nasty chemicals around. I find that jasmine rice works the best. Make sure not to rinse it , because that reduces its helpful starch . Use 4 cups of water to cook one cup of rice , and keep a cup for your rice toner.

Step 2 : Collect the water from your pot and place in a clean, sterilized jar. Cover your jar with a clean cotton towel or a muslin cloth and a rubber band and let sit in room temperature for up to 48 hours. And this point your rice water is already sour, which implies that the fermentation in in progress. You can now store your rice toner in your refrigerator , and use it up within a week . 

  • Use your rice toner twice (or more!) every day. It can be quite potent , so depending on your skin type you might like it diluted with water better.
  • Fun fact : Japanese women use this rice toner with sheet masks 30 days in row before their wedding day to achieve a flawless, radiant skin.
  • This rice toner makes indeed a great sheet mask material. I love to use it once a week all over my skin , and my skin loves the results.
  • You can soak cotton or cloth rounds and place them under your eyes to cure puffiness or on your dry spots to replenish hydration effectively.
  • Place your rice toner in a spray bottle for a fresh splash on your face and neck during dry days or in dry rooms during winter .
  • This rice toner is also great as hair rinse! It has very similar pH levels with that of our hair and thus it provides shine .

I wish everyone happy creations, and stay beautiful!!

xo  Niki Helios

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Life designer, Eco-educator and non conformist, Nature lover, avid reader, herbs connoisseur, Mother, and a raconteur.

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